Sinpro paintable fiberglass wallcovering for wall decoration

Fiberglass Wallcovering is made of natural quartz material and coated with environment-friend starch glue, which integrates technology, aesthetics and natural properties. The unique artistic style of European embossment can not be replaced by any other wall decoration materials. Natural quartz material creates wallcovering many good features such as environmental protection, super crack resistant, non- mildew , fire resistant.

Products Details

1.Fill up holes on wall and sand wall to make it smooth; 2.Glue the wall evenly, brushing about 10cm wider than wallcovering width; 3.Scrape the adhesive smoothly , then paste wallcovering on wall; 4.Make sure to join both neighbored edges of wallcovering well; 5.Scrape and press gently on wallcovering at one direction; 6.Applying paint with preferable color on wallcovering after adhesive completely dry; paint again after 1st paint is dry.
Material Features Fiberglass Wallcovering Common Wallpaper Latex Paint
raw material 100% natural quartz paper base, cloth base, PVC plastic acrylic acid
Service Life 15 years +,  color can be changed 5 times 5 years,  color can’t be changed 5-8 years
Functionality air permeability, preventing mildew and insect biting, anti-impact, easy to repair airtight, mildew, easy to be damaged, not easy to be repaired although breathable, but mildew
Stability Not tends to fade or falling off Tends to fade and edges tends to warped Tends to fade, crack  or falling off
Decoration Good stereo sense and rich patterns Very rich designs, but no stereo sense Simple color, no designs, no stereo sense
scrub resistance and fire resistance
  1. Water resistant, can be scrubbed over 10,000 times;
  2. fire resistant with combination with adhesive & paint due to flame retardant glass fiber;
  3. burning does not release toxic substances
  4. can not be scrubbed with water;
  5. not fire retardant;
  6. burning releases toxic substances
Fire resistant, but  can not be scrubbed
Wall crack resistance Super high tensile strength of fiberglass can effectively prevent wall joints crack Poor wall crack prevention, easy to tear Can not prevent wall crack; hard to be repaired for wall crack
1m (width) x 25m or 50m (length) (PS: 1m is the only width available) Each roll shrink packed with cardboard protection edges for both roll ends; rolls put in cartons and cartons packed on palletsPlain Series Traditional & economic series with simple patternsTwill Series A variety of patterns for your chooseJacquard Series Complex design, luxury sense Pre-painted Series Time & labor cost saving due to it’s with one layer of paint when produced All patterns can be made to be pre-painted.Renovation tissue is mostly used as the substrate of wall decoration, to supply smooth surface for the new wallcovering.Luxury Foamed Series Deeply processed product based on above regular wallcovering. Excellent 3D & elegant sense. A lot of more designs available as request.

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